hey there!

I’m Francesca

Travel and lifestyle content creator, food lover, adventure seeker, influencer educator, and your online big sister

I started my journey in 2019 after wanting to be an influencer and blogger for years. I wrote blog posts in 2016 and saved them on my Google Drive, but I was too afraid to start due to imposter syndrome, and being too worried about what others would think. I thought to myself, you can't work in corporate AND be a travel influencer, it just doesn't make sense. I wound up finally launching my blog in February 2019 and put my head down and put in the work for years. I grew to over 100,000 followers in 2021, after years of consistently posting several times per week, showing up, and being a resource for my audience. I continued to grow my career in corporate while growing my business to now over 250,000 followers on IG and TikTok. I am living proof, you can have it all, and I want that for you too! 

The full story… 

I pride myself on my authenticity and ability to create valuable content that sells. I am known for my genuine no BS approach in my content. People mostly follow me for my travel tips, restaurant reviews, and self-care journey. When I am home in Jersey, I love to share local gems and show people they don't need to travel far to live their best lives. Along with being a content creator, I have also become an online educator in 2022. I teach new and aspiring influencers how to get started and land paid brand deals. 

Fast forward to now 

I've been to over 20 countries and my favorites are Japan, Colombia, and Guatemala. I am a huge foodie and like to travel to experience culture through food. Some of the countries that I've visited with the best food are Colombia, India, and Tanzania. When I am not traveling, you can catch me on my couch with my fiance watching Netflix. I am a huge homebody and introvert, that also happens to be a travel influencer… strange, I know. 

get to know me

Knew I wanted to be a blogger and influencer so I started writing blog posts and saving them in my Google Drive.


Imposter syndrome kicked in and I thought I didn't have what it takes to be a blogger, so I let my ideas and dreams collect dust.


I got over myself and launched my blog and Instagram in February of that year. I had no idea what I was doing but I consistently posted several times per week. I took a solo trip to Colombia. 


Due to the pandemic, I pivoted more into local travel and food. I landed my first hotel and restaurant paid partnerships this year. I moved to DC and lived there for 10 months.


I tried innovative ways to stand out and connect. I hosted my first meet-up with my followers with 100+ people. I started the Finding Francesca March Madness Bracket. I moved back to New Jersey. 


I got engaged to the love of my life. I hit 100k on Instagram. Started teaching content creators how to get started and land paid deals. 


I got promoted to Assistant Director at my corporate job. I traveled to 7 countries. Landed my first cruise partnership. I hosted 3 meet-up events with my followers, all with 100+ people.