Staycation at Montclair’s MC Hotel

After anticipating their opening for some time now, I was invited to the MC hotel’s soft opening in Montclair and was given a tour and a full background of the hotel. MC hotel is a multilevel hotel with a rooftop, quick “grab and go” cafe, restaurant, and event space. They are opening the first two floors of the hotel on Thursday, August 15th.

When I arrived to the hotel, I was greeted with a bubbly glass of champagne. My first thoughts stepping into the hotel was how incredibly beautiful and modern the space was. The hotel is definetly “higher end” but not in a way that turns you off. The staff were all extremely friendly and eager to make sure your time at the hotel is truly perfect. I mingled for a bit and decided to get a cocktail. They have a variety of different cocktails and even ones that they were still testing that they offered us to try. I decided to go with MC’s signature drink, the “Goodfella” Which is Misunderstood whisky, lemon, orange, and amaro ciociaro. I enjoyed it so much, I stuck with it all night! The drink has just a tad bit of sweetness and bittnerness but is incredibly smooth. 

After drinks, we got a tour of the first few floors which are opening this thursday. One floor we went to had a gym open 24/7 and tons of natural light along with a balcony. There is ton of event and conference space with modern art in each space. We then saw the guest rooms, one with two beds and one with one. Some rooms have balconies and some do not but all are bright and super modern. They feature art from all local artists and the mini fridge is stocked with products only from local vendors. 

One trend that stuck with me at the hotel is their push to support local businesses. They did the same for all of their art in the hotel. There is tons of breathtaking art throughout the hotel feature art from all Montclair artists.

After our tour, it was time for dinner at MC hotels signature restaurant Allogory which is lead by Chef Daniel Kill. We had a four course meal family style for the tastings. We got to taste the menu, which I can honestly say is phenomenal and probably some of the best food in Montclair. That is saying a lot considering there are hundreds of restaraunts in this town. Some of the menu included lamb ribs, pea ravioli, grilled octopus, and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. We were all trying to figure out our favorite bite and took a while to pick, since everything was outstanding. My two favorite bites were the whipped ricotta with honey and pepper. It came with crostini but it was so amazing I just ate it with a spoon. MC hotel- I hope you guys plan to bottle that, I’d buy it in bulk! My next favorite bite was the Cracker Jack Torte which is probably one of my favorite deserts of all time. The pastry chef came out and explained each dessert, and she informed us she made the “Cracker jack” popcorn and popcorn flavored ice cream! It was unlike anything I’ve ever had before it was super rich yet sweet; everything I’ve ever wanted in a dessert.

When I first heard that a new hotel with a rooftop bar was coming to Montclair, I was immediately so excited as it was a cool new place for me to hang out. As I thought further about it, I wasn’t as excited as I originally was. Montclair is rapidly changing in hopes to “improve the area” which means our a lot about living in Montclair will also change. However, while there, I learned a lot about the hotel which changed my mind. I learned that the hotel chain is a “translocal” hotel meaning they ar crossroads for locals and travelers and are inspired by their host city. All of their vendors and most of the products they sell are from local businesses. Their soap is from Dolly Moo, their juice from Juice Baisin. They even sell candles which a third grade Montclair resident makes. They genuinely care about the community they are joining. Anyone can tell that everything this hotel does is intentional. Although Montclair will change with them joining our community, I believe it will change for the better because they are supporting and showcasing all of our local, small businesses. I had an amazing time at the MC Hotel and I know I will be spending a lot more time there. They haven’t even opened up the higher floors and the rooftop yet, so I am sure the best is yet to come!


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