Spreading love in the midst of a pandemic

As you know, we are going through a pandemic due to the COVID-19 outbreak. My last post was about how to take care of yourself in the nightmare we are living in. It is also really important to take care of others in need, when you can. This does not mean overextending yourself if you just don’t have it in you – you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are able to help someone out, put a smile on someone’s face even for a minute, please do so. You don’t know how hard this is hurting some people, your small gesture may mean the world to them. This is what will get us through this mess – faith, kindness, and compassion.

One of my closest friends, Lauren, sent be a gift recently and it completely made my day. It was so thoughtful, and it made me feel like I was not alone. She inspired me to pass on the act of kindness, to other people in my life. I wound up sending her a different gift, but she gave me the idea to create a “care package” for some of the closest people in my life to  help them get through a hard time.

When I first thought of the idea to send a care package, I saw some on Etsy, but they were over $40 each and I wanted to send a few, so that was not feasible. I realized, most of the items are basically home items I can find basically anywhere for much more affordable. I got everything you see in the boxes at Target. However, you can put together a self care package with items from basically anywhere – CVS, Amazon, or even many grocery stores. The trick for creating care packages, is to get items from the “travel” section, as those are all small and affordable. 

How to create an affordable COVID-19 (or any occasion) care package

Suggested Supplies:

  • bath bombs
  • candles
  • chap stick
  • face mask
  • body wash
  • games
  • journal
  • lotion
  • homemade treats
  • handwritten notes
  • their favorite snacks
  • something sentimental
  • small bottle of wine

Supplies for the actual package (all found at Target):

  • box
  • tissue paper
  • tape
  • scissors

These were just a suggestion of what I put in my care package, and what are in typical care packages. However, you can make it more personal but putting in something sentimental or something they love, like their favorite snack. I made sure to write them a note to make it personal. You only need a couple of items to create a care package, even only 4-5 small items would work. If care packages just are not your thing, I put together a list of other ways to help either a stranger or a loved one below.

Ways to help a stranger:

  • Donate to organizations in need
  • Send a tray of food to a hospital to feed health care workers
  • Buy masks from a company who also donates their masks to those in need
  • Donate food and basic supplies to a local food bank
  • Donate blood
  • Buy the person behind you in the drive through food or coffee
  • Foster a pet while you are stuck inside

Ways to help a loved one:

  • Send them a handwritten card
  • Buy them a meal and have it sent to their home
  • Send them a gift basket or flowers
  • Send them weekly messages to check up on them


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  1. Rylie June says:

    This is such a nice idea and a great way to show people that they are loved even if we can’t give them a hug! Thank you for the ideas!

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