The Herwood Inn – Weekend Trip to Woodstock, NY

It’s hard to find hidden gems in the tri-state area since they quickly turn into overcrowded, tourist attractions. But, I think I may have found the hidden gem we are all looking for…The Herwood Inn in Woodstock, NY.

The Herwood Inn opened about a year ago, and is a women-owned boutique inn located in the heart of Woodstock. It is definitely an Instagram-worthy kind of inn, but also super practical. The chic aesthetic paired with the quaint ambiance makes for the perfect “home away from home.” The Herwood Crew ensures that you leave feeling more balanced and relaxed than when you came.

There are four suites to stay in at the Herwood Inn- Franklin Flat, King Suite, Mitchell Manor, and Nicks Nook. The suites pay homage to Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks. The Herwood Inn states, ” These women have created positive change and continue to inspire generations of music. The Herwood Inn pays tribute to the love, wisdom, and dreams these women created with songs that will ever play in our hearts”.

The King Suite

We stayed in the King Suite which was incredible. Everything about the Inn seemed intentional and there to make you feel at home. The level of detail they put into the place is what really blew me away, everything seemed to be put together with love. When we walked in, we were welcomed with a care package filled with goodies such as face oils, masks, snacks, and perfume!

There is a common area and kitchenette which is great for small gatherings and game nights.  Yes, there are even some games in the room like six in one, or game room: famous women (how awesome?!). The kitchen is lined with Cravings by Chrissy Tiegen cookware and dishware. The living room area has a vintage couch with lovely, decorative wallpaper. Like the other rooms, the bedroom is filled with so many details which shows just how much they care. There are yoga mats, crystals, an essential oils diffuser, books by and celebrating women – it is like an oasis in there. The bathroom is one of my favorite places in the suite, it has huge claw foot soaker tub and honey comb tiles. The suite also has a private patio offering outdoor dining that overlooks the grounds. Check out the photos below, they speak for themselves!

COVID- Related Precautions

The Herwood Inn was designed with personal getaways in mind. All suites are completely private and entryways are within a 6 ft distance or more. We were able to arrive and check into our suite with zero personal contact, and arrived to a sanitized and sealed suite. There are iPads in the suites which offer contactless self check-in, virtual service requests, concierge support and messaging. All guests are welcomed with a wellness kit for their personal use, which included wipes, masks, and sanitizers. The Herwood Inn shared with me, that suites are sanitized using both hospital grade and activated oxygen sanitizing agents and will remain unoccupied for a minimum of 24 hours in between guests.

I have stayed at a few places since the start of COVID, and I can honestly say that I felt the safest at The Herwood Inn. The Inn stayed closed for many months, even after other places reopened, to do their part in flattening the curve.

What to Do during your visit

We went to really just to relax! We ordered pizza from Catskill Mountain Pizza and Co – pepperoni and banana pepper, of course. We played some games that they provided in the suite. I took a nice relaxing bath with the record player playing Carole King in the back ground. It was such an awesome, peaceful vacation. If you are looking for a bit more to do, there really is plenty! Here are a few fun suggestions:

  1. Play games in the suite like Game Room: Famous Women
  2. Listen to some Carole King records on the record player
  3. Pamper yourself with a face mask provided in their care package
  4. Go to or order in from Silvia’s restaurant
  5. Hang out in the Cedar Hot Tub
  6. Take a relaxing bath in the huge claw foot tub
  7. Have breakfast on the private patio
  8. Hang out in the outdoor oasis or “The Shed”
  9. Sit by the fire in the common area
  10. Take a walk into the center of Woodstock


I overall had an amazing wonderful at The Herwood Inn! I would visit it now, while you can…it won’t be a hidden gem for long!





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