Most IG Worthy Places in DC

DC is such a photo worthy city Рtons of beautiful architecture here! Not only are these spots the best photo-worthy locations but they offer way more than a photo destination. While Covid may have closed down alot of things, you can always go sightseeing, and grab some shots at these spots!  I suggest stopping by these hotspots early morning or on weekday to avoid crowds.

Chinatown DC

Chinatown located in downtown Washington DC

Sculpture Garden

a bronze metal sculpture in the sculpture garden in downtown Washington DC.

White House

the white house in Washington DC

Library of Congress

aerial shot of the library of congress located in downtown Washington DC

Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center as the sunsets in Washington DC with glistening water in front

Bartholdi fountain

Fountain with flowers in front. featuring the capital building in the background

National Gallery of Art West Building 

National art Museum in DC.

National Arboretum

National twenty two Pillars/columns in DC taken from the original Capital building


National Cathedral

National Cathedral located in DC with big arches and stained glass windows.




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