Virginia Wineries near DC

If you didn’t know, the wineries in Virginia are basically like the Napa Valley of the East Coast. There are some absolutely breathtaking vineyards only a few hours from DC! Spending the weekend near the wineries is the perfect way to escape the city!


 about an hour from DC. Nice wineries, but they are usually crowded and not as peaceful as the ones farther away.

1. Stone tower  This was definitely the nicest and most upscale one I went to in the Leesburg area and by far my favorite wine. This is a family-owned winery going back three generations. They are committed to making the finest of wines and have even brought in consultants to analyze the estate in order to continuously provide quality wine and views to everyone visiting.
2. La Grange – This was a really chill and relaxing winery, it doesn’t seem to get too crowded. Here you can find flights that are designed for you to enjoy at your own pace while relaxing at a table, it gave me backyard vibes. The three-story building manor dates back to the 1600s and is rich in history.
3. Bluemont Vineyard – Amazing views but probably one of the most crowded vineyards. Be sure to reserve space or get there early. Known for their saying “Where exceptional wines meet extraordinary views” they definitely live up to it! Located around 1000 thousand above sea level you get a stunning view while enjoying the great wine, and small plates like Peach Caprese, Mediterranean Couscous, and more.


 – about 2+ hours away from DC but worth the trip!

1. Afton Mountain –
They have a smaller indoor section but it’s really nice to sit out on the pavilion the views are amazing, you’re surrounded by mountains. We did the winetasting which was five wines for $10. We like the white wine so much that we bought a bottle.

2. White oak lavender farm and winery –
a blogger’s DREAM! One of the most beautiful places in the area. The wine was okay, but it is definitely a place to stop by in the area. This is not your normal vineyard, this winery has beautiful lavender fields. You can enjoy wine as well as tons of lavender products. White oak offers a wine tasting experience, tours, lectures, classes, a petting area, and a lovely lavender gift shop.

3. Old Hill cidery –
This 60-acre is surrounded by apple trees which make their great ciders. This Cidery originally started as farmland and fresh market in 1965 but after about 10 years they got a cider press as a way to get rid of “ugly” apples and their famous Showalter Apple cider was born. While known for their cider, you can come by the orchard and pick your own peaches and apples.
4. Stone Mountain Winery – Out of all the vineyards I have been to, this is by far the most beautiful. It is ALL the way up the mountains, so go with a cautious driver, but it is 100% worth the hike. It isn’t very crowded, and sooo peaceful! I can’t describe the beauty, you need to go see it yourself!

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