Rank of DC’s top 15 Coffee Shops

I went to over 15 cafe’s in DC to find the best coffee in the city, so you don’t have to! Check out my ranking for each below!

A baked joint 10/10

By far the best coffee you will find in DC – bold and rich. As if the coffee wasn’t good enough, all of their food is to die for. This should be #1 on your list.

Tatte 5/10

I had high hopes for this place, since there is always a line out the door. Their coffee is subpar, it’s pretty watered down and lacking flavor. The food is good though and the vibes are immaculate, do I’d recommend you working from there.

Cafe Georgetown 1/10

The worst coffee you will find in DC. Another cafe I saw ALL over instagram so thought it would be good! They bring people in with their printed lattes, you can print anything you want on yours which is really cool. It’s $9 and I couldn’t even finish it – it tasted like pure milk and water.

Joe & The Juice 4/10

Another cool and trendy spot to hangout and work. They sell coffee and juices, but their coffee is pretty bad, it usually tastes too burnt and really low quality.

Compass coffee 10/10

Compass coffee in a DC favorite, especially their Georgetown location. It’s a great place to work or just stop in when you are walking around Georgetown, it should be your go to. Some of the best coffee I tried, bold and full of flavor, with a smokey hint.

Wydown 9/10

Really cool – 1920s decor and marketing inside and on the cups. Their coffee is rich with hints of chocolate and really high quality.

Colada shop 8/10

Colada Shop is a cuban cafe and restaurant. The decor is vibrant and inspired by Cuba, I wouldn’t say this is a place to work because its loud and lively. The coffee was rich and high quality.

Sweet science 6/10

Quirky, small artisanal coffee shop with pretentious vibes. I asked for espresso over ice and they refused because it would “ruin the integrity of the coffee”, so they said I can have a latte instead. The latte was just average.

Dua Coffee 10/10

Another must try in DC! Dua is an Indonesian specialty coffee shop serving both American and Indonesian classics.Their coffee is bold and absolutely delicious.

La Colombe 9/10

Really solid, rich coffee. There are a few locations in DC, most of which are cool placed to work at with nice decor.

Foxtrot 9.5/10

Foxtrot is a trendy market and cafe with craft beer, delicious treats, and gifts. It’s a bright space and great place to hangout and work. They have really strong and smooth coffee, and cool add ons like CBD.

Sidamo 6/10

Ethiopian coffee bar on H street. Sidamo is really small and a bit of an old school place, but some people work from there. They didn’t have many milk or syrup options and the coffee tasted pretty bitter.

Mercy Me 9.5/10

Mercy Me is a “sorta south American” restaurant and cafe. The decor is immaculate, making it the perfect place to bring your laptop and work, or just hangout with a friend. The coffee is super igh quality with hints of chocolate.

Slip Stream 7/10

Simply average coffee. The shop is really small, and not the perfect place to work. They have a small menu of baked good and breakfast/lunch options.


Let me know if I missed any!


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