Life Update 2020

I can’t believe we are at the end of the most crazy year. I know when midnight strikes on December 31st, life won’t magically change, we still are in a dark world and we have so much work and healing to do. But, I like to have faith that things will get better with time.

This year taught me so much….to stop wasting so much time unhappy when life can be ripped from me so easily. A few months ago, I said that I was in the season of rebirth, that I felt I had been “asleep” and running on autopilot for so long, watching my life past by me from above, without taking any control over it. I have finally decided to take some control over my life and my happiness.

With that being said, I have decided to temporarily relocate to Washington, DC. I spent a semester in undergrad in DC, and absolutely loved it. I have been wanting to relocate back down there for a few years now. A few years ago, I actually considered requesting to work from home and move down there. I thought about it for a while, but then vividly remember telling Michael “But, I just can’t work from home, I don’t have the personality for it”. Due to the pandemic, I have worked from home for 8 months, and likely will for at least another 4 or more, since my job is in NYC. I have for sure struggled with working from home, but since I have no choice but to work from home, I figured, why not do it somewhere where I actually enjoy. I have been trying to get back down there for years, and I finally have the opportunity to do with not much to lose. It’s crazy how life works, isn’t it? What’s meant for you, will always be for you.

I know the idea to relocate for six month sounds a bit weird to some people, but if I am stuck home, why not work from a place that will bring me some happiness? Although I love Montclair, I absolutely hated my apartment there, and have been wanting to move out for a while. With everything up in the air, I delayed it, for a lot longer than I should have. These past 8 months have really opened my eyes, and I no longer want to watch my life pass by. I am going to start taking control of it. I am doing so, by moving to a place I have wanted to for many years, even if it’s temporarily. Ill be in DC for six months, but if God wants me to stay down in DC, He will make it happen. If not, I will be happy to return to NJ and hopefully be back to work in the office by that time.

I am so excited to bring you guys along on this new journey of mine!


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