Tips for moving temporarily or for the first time as a young adult

As most of you know, I moved to DC for 6 months, and the biggest question is how does something like that work? Most people move for at least a year, but usually longer. Well, actually there are tons of ways you can move temporarily! If you always wanted to pick up and move to somewhere new, even for a little while, there is no time like now. Many people are able to work from home until people are vaccinated, so if you are able to work from anywhere, why not work where you want?

Here are a few ways you can move temporarily:

Get a fully furnished apartment

If you are thinking of moving for a short time, like under 6 months, you can consider getting a fully furnished apartment – two companies that offer fully furnished apartments are Hello Landing and Zeus. They have mostly luxury apartments and because they are fully furnished, they are a bit more expensive per month. However, it could be worth it for some as opposed to not getting furniture which you likely have to pay to move.

Rent an Airbnb

Airbnb also has short term leases so you can rent a fully furnished apartment month to month. You would just need to search “Airbnb Monthly Stay”. The monthly stays in an Airbnb are a bit more expensive than monthly rent for the area. Depending how long your stay is, this may be your best option. If I was staying somewhere for 1-3 months, I probably would have gone with this option.

Look for apartments with a 6 month lease

In DC, and I’m assuming many other major cities, the shortest lease most places will offer is a 6 month lease. Even when you look up “6 month lease in X city”, the prices online are usually the prices for a 12 month lease, which is misleading. You need to call apartment complexes directly and ask them for pricing. This is a bit tedious, but this is the option I went with.


Many people living in big cities before COVID, now left the city or plan to leave the city, but don’t want to fully give up their apartments or break their lease. Many are going to their family’s homes for a few months to save money on rent. Therefore, you can sublease their apartment for a couple of months. You can find apartments to sublease on online on places like Facebook.


Rent Furniture

I know a lot of people don’t move temporarily because of the hassle, especially of moving furniture. One thing you can do is rent furniture, to make things easier. When I was considering renting furniture, I saw some couches for around $50 a month, and some beds for under $80 a month. There are furniture rental sites like Conjure and Cort.


Tips for moving in general as a young adult:

-Ask what is the lowest selling rate for that unit
-You can always negotiate
-Ensure you see the exact unit you will be moving in to
-Read your lease agreement and then read it again
-Move somewhere that has a building manager or the landlord is nearby
-Ask about pest control before you move in, especially if you live in a city
-Ask for help when moving, it is a lot harder than it looks
Let me know if you have any questions about moving, especially about moving for a short time!
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